catherine spinley


Writer, Editorial Director and Amateur Photographer located in New York City.

Diaries kept under lock and key, long-defunct blogs, errant scraps of paper tucked into books, rushed iPhone notes typed in transit. As soon as I was able to write in complete sentences, there were remnants of my thoughts scattered about. I fell in love with nonfiction writing as a teenager during a semester spent studying Feminism and The Personal Essay at the University of Pittsburgh. Never before allowed to compose essays in the first person, I felt seen and heard once I was allowed to write the single letter, “I,” followed by a thought of my own. I spent the next three years as a nonfiction writing major studying the words and worlds of my heroes including Joan Didion, Virginia Woolf, Richard Rodriguez, Naomi Wolf and Annie Dillard, a group that has now expanded to include Roxan Gay, Sloane Crosely and Dani Shapiro. Writing was (and still is) my oxygen, my therapist, my shelter, and my memory. These are selects of the work I’ve completed for clients, for The Sunday Issue (Sunday Forever) and for myself.