It doesn't happen often but sometimes life hands you a gift and you must run (or sprint) with it. That gift may come in the form of ownership of the sole winning ticket for the $450 million dollar Mega Millions jackpot or it may be as simple as slipping through the tiny gap of closing subway door. Or avoiding the grabby, felonious hands of a "subway toucher." Perhaps it is waking without food poisoning from last night's deviled eggs when everyone else at dinner is chained to the toilet. Your mother was more June Cleaver than Joan Crawford. Yeah, that got dark quickly.

Today's life gift comes in the form of a newly discovered beauty dupe. 

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($46) is the undisputed champion of hair styling products. It's effective, it smells delightful, it's packaged beautifully and it's expensive. Some "friends" of mine seem to have connections and purchase this product at a discount (or get it for free) but those "friends" have yet to share the wealth with me, which I will remember when I am someday the sole owner of a winning Mega Millions lottery ticket. Mark my words.

Last week, somewhat slowed by an intense head cold, I trekked to Target to pickup more tissue (the first two boxes were emptied in 18 hours flat) and discovered Kristen Ess holiday gift sets on sale for $7 each. I grabbed both sets and lumbered off to the self-checkout kiosk (gift sets no longer available but full-size products can be purchased at Target).

Home from Target, I crawled back into bed with my tissues and convalesced. A few days later, armed with a new lease on life, I tried the Dry Finish Working Texture Spray ($14) on my stringy, air-dried hair and realized although it was December 31st, my Christmas gift had finally arrived. With approximately three quick sprays, my hair magically lifted from my scalp and gave the illusion I was the owner of thick, flowy waves. The scent was reminiscent of my favorite Byredo scent, Mojave Ghost and I didn't have to part with a chunk of my monthly budget.

Kristen Ess Sale Target 2.jpg

But, as you know, I'm a picky one and wasn't completely satisfied. My hair had volume but it was a bit Texas Beauty Queen big not Giselle supermodel voluminous. It needed some messiness so I applied the Depth Defining Water Based Pomade next to break up the volume and the curls. As directed, I put a nickel-size amount on my palm, rubbed my hands together and pressed the product into the middle and ends of hair, picking a few large chunks of curls and pulling them straight to add varying curl wavelengths into the mix. The remaining product was scrunched into the roots to reinforce the volume. What I ended up with was the perfect mess of volume and waves.

Kristen Ess Sale Target 1.jpg

And yes, there is war, famine and environmental disaster but as I began, you take what you can get. And it was with that joy, that I sent an urgent text to a friend to alert her of my new beauty dupe discovery. Some people discover new lands and some people discover inexpensive hair products on their sick-day voyages to Target. The yin and yang of life is beautiful. 

And this, my friends, is my gift to share with you. Enjoy and pass along!