Hello. I am Catherine.


Most of you reading here know me. Some of you do not.

I write a lot of essays about nothing so this is my first foray into writing about something. To be open and honest, it is difficult to write about beauty without sounding like a shallow, exhausted cliché. All of the alliterations (luscious lipsticks. multi-tasking masks, silky skin) and the “this product changed my life” declarations - I don’t have enough eye rolls.

There will be very little price/per ounce comparisons unless it is consequential to my opinion of a product. There will be no fawning over makeup techniques that erase a person’s face and replace it with some alien-human hybrid. There will be no mean people.

There will be freckles. There will be tangents. There will be typos.

Years ago, I used to have another blog and it was about nothing at all. Wildly inconsistent in subject matter and post frequency, it became a time capsule documenting the mundane activities of daily New York life layered with my “you’re not right” commentary. There were some re-occurring themes (running, carbs, tense confrontations with strangers, the handyman failings of my father, etc) but most days I opened up my laptop and keyed away about absolutely nothing. That blog ran its course but I’ve missed having a little corner of the world to place those observations. So even though Worepaint.com is a beauty blog there will be, nestled in its navigation, a smaller blog: Part 2. Soon.

In short…

Wore Paint is what I talk about when I talk with my friends about beauty.

Part 2 is what I talk about when I talk to myself (or my other self) about nothing.